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Jun 23, 2562 BE I tried to download the updates according to the Windows update on my PC, but it does not work.. That is why I have a little mistrust that the offline-Version is really working. I cannot even find it in the Windows start menu and in the system tray. I'm trying to download the software for Office 2010 from Microsoft through the download link and also tried it through Microsoft itself. I found no. Jul 11, 2576 BE Microsoft has confirmed that it will support the Office Starter 2010 download tool. Office Professional 2010 in the Offline mode. Aug 2, 2580 BE I installed with the Offline install utility at the Microsoft website, Windows-10 pro x64, 2560 x 1080 pixels screen. I only had to connect to the Internet once, I think to download the language packs. I downloaded the English version and then I installed it. With the desktop-version, I had the problem that it doesn't recognize the product key from my previous version. I had to close the program and open it again and then I was able to add a new product key. After the installation was completed, I made a full installation (uncheck the option 'Repair'). Aug 27, 2586 BE I had a new problem. The Microsoft Office Starter 2010 installation was aborted when I chose "Repair" or "Uninstall". After closing the startup window, I tried to open it again. The result was the same, the application was not started. I couldn't do anything. The problem isn't fixed. Sep 20, 2596 BE I have a new problem. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 doesn't work any longer. Oct 4, 2597 BE I have the same problem as before. The application is launched, but the startup window does not open. When I try to uninstall the application, I get the following error: The application can't be opened. The application is not responding. To fix the problem, kill the process and try again. In the Windows Task Manager, the "Microsoft Office" process has the number 4032. I have no idea what that means, but I want to kill it. Unfortunately, I can not find the corresponding process in the list. When I open "Microsoft Office", I get the following error: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is corrupt.. Some changes are not applied and you should try to




Setupconsumerc2rolw.exe Deutsch Download penrhar

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